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We are Hemi Heating

Flexible and reliable heating solutions help you avoid costly downtime in production. We offer heating jackets, heating tents, heating cables, heater fans and several different temperature control options. Our products are mostly custom made but we also produce standard products for the OEM market. Long experience, technical expertise and responsiveness has made ​​us a global leader in flexible heating systems. We offer thermal solutions for process, automotive, semiconductor and other manufacturing industries where sensitive substances require stable and reliable heat. Our products are also used by research institutes and laboratories. Welcome to Hemi Heating. You’ll probably find what you’re looking for and you can always rely on us to deliver what we promise!

Heating solutions

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Temperature control

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  • We are Hemi Heating

    Since 1991 Hemi Heating has produced and developed surface heating systems, focusing on highest quality and service level.

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    We do our best to make it simple for our customers.