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Flexible heating jackets

Hemi Heating manufactures heating jackets for a safe and homogeneous heating up to 400°C as standard temperature. The materials are carefully chosen to meet the requirements from our customers. The jackets are designed for your application and adapted to different areas such as clean-rooms, hazardous areas (ATEX) or outdoor environment.

Our heating jackets ensure correct temperatures for systems distributing liquid and gas such as pumps, valves, pipes, chambers etc. Heating jackets minimizes downtime and allows quick access to components that needs service. We also provide heating jackets for UHV bakeout, exhaust test equipment, flow meters and filters that need accurate temperatures.

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· Consistent temperature with a wide temperature range, up to 400°C (752°F)

· Simplified maintenance through instant removal and refitting

· Safe operation

· High efficiency

· Gas cylinders

· Pipes for distribution of gas and liquids


· Vacuum (HV, UHV)

· Asphalt

· Frost protection

· High Voltage Cables

· Valves

· Oil Barrels/Drums

· Emission equipment

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